Hints on Locating Job Listings



Private Employer Link Strategy

Private employer links first show the headquarters (HQ) city if they have headquarters in Washington. If there are additonal Washington locations codes following the headquarters city shows additional locations. The codes are explained below:

  • SA = Seattle Area locations
  • NW = Northwest Washington locations
  • PN = Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula locations
  • SW = Southwest Washington locations
  • EW = Eastern Washington locations
If a company only has one non-headquarters location in Washington that city will be shown without the HQ designation.

If a company has multiple Washington locations but no Washington headquarters then the above codes will list the areas they have locations.


Finding Jobs on Employer Web Sites

Some companies make their job listings easy to find by placing a link to them from their home page. Others tend to hide the job listings link on lower level pages. As a result sometimes you have to do a little search to find it. The following are some helpful hints to find job listings.

    (In earlier versions of my site I used to link directly to company job pages. However, companies reorganize their web sites so often that these links quickly became broken. So now I link only to home pages.)
If you find a company that you are interested in working for go ahead and bookmark their employment/jobs page. Then you can periodically go directly there to check for new job listings.


Home Page Job Link

      Look For:

  • Employment
  • Jobs
  • Careers
  • Opportunities
  • Human Resources
  • Personnel
  • Join Us

Job Link Hidden on a Subpage

     On Home Page Look Under:
  1. About Us
  2. Corporate
  3. Site Map
  4. Contact Us
  5. News

Suggestion for Web Site Designers

    There are three basic reasons someone would visit your home page:

  1. Interested in your Products.
  2. Interested in Working for your company.
  3. Interesting in Investing in your company.

    Have clearly visible links to this information on your home page to minimize visitor frustration!


For suggestions on new links or broken links contact:

Mail gwattier@aol.com

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