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Strategy for Using this Site

During my own job search some time ago I amassed a large number of web sites where I could find job listings. Since I had all these job sites bookmarked I thought I could turn it into a web site that other Washington job seekers could benefit from. So I built the first version of the Washington Employment Web. It only had 120 links but people found it very useful as little else existed at the time. Over time companies and other organizations discovered the site and asked if I could add links to their web sites. Users like yourself have also suggested sites to be added. Over the years the site has grown to over 4,000 links.

The Washington Employment web is now probably the most extensive web site to use for your job search within Washington State. We have links to:

  • Private Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Job Listing Databases
  • Employment Agencies
In the following paragraphs I will give you some hints on how to best use this site to find your next job. I hope we can help you in your search and good luck. Be sure to bookmark my site so you can find your way back.

Easiest Sites to Find Jobs

The easiest and quickest way to find jobs is to use the large job databases and newspaper sites. Web sites like Craig's List,, Seattle Times, and the State of Washington WorkSource web sites lists thousands of jobs all on one web site. Using these you can quickly find dozens of jobs to apply for.

This is good and also bad for you. Good in that you can quickly find lots of jobs to apply for. Bad in that because they are easy to use and have lots of jobs thousands of your competitors are also using these sites to look for jobs. Companies that list jobs on these sites often get hundreds of applicants from one listing. This can make it difficult to get an interview and get the job when so many people are going after the same job. Also jobs that are listed on these sites sometimes are jobs companies are having a hard time filling because of the pay or work requirements.

A Potentially Better Approach

When individual companies and organizations have a job openings they are most likely to list them first on their web site. Posting it on their site doesn't cost them any money and they won't likely be inundated with hundreds of applications they will have to wade through. They will also likely get individuals that know something about their company and have invested some time to look over their web site.

Looking for jobs on company and organization web sites can also pay off for you. You will likely find jobs that are not posted on the big job databases. They may likely be higher quality and better paying jobs. The really big plus for you is there is likely to be less competition applying for the jobs as many job seekers stick to the big databases. This is especially true for smaller less well known organizations. Applying for the jobs on company sites should give you a better chance at getting interviews and landing a job.

This is where the Washington Employment web can help as we have links to thousands of organization web sites. Use our site to investigate companies you might be interested in working for. If you find one bookmark their job page so you can return there periodically to look for new job postings. If you visit their site every few days you may be one of the first people to see a new posting and one of the first to apply.

Also if you should get offered an interview from a company it is great preparation strategy to completely go over a company's web site. Spend some time learning about their products, strategy, market locations, and their management. Having knowledge about their company shows you are serious and have an interest in working for them.

Finding Job Listing on Web Sits

In earlier versions of my site I tried to link directly to company job pages but companies change their web sites so often and with over 4,000 links it became an impossible task to keep them updated. So now I just link to the home page. Use the hints below to find the job pages of the companies you are interested in and then bookmark their job pages for future visits.

Sometimes companies have links directly to their jobs on their home page. Look for:

  • Employment
  • Jobs
  • Careers
  • Opportunities
  • Human Resources
  • Personnel
  • Join Us
Sometimes companies have the link to their jobs on sub-pages within their site. Go to the following and look for job links:
  • About Us (Most Likely)
  • Site Map (Most Likely)
  • Corporate
  • Contact Us
  • News
If you follow the approach I outlined above you can probably improve your success and finding good jobs and have a better chance at getting one of them.

Good Luck in your job search!


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